spreading hope

Our Vision

We see a world in which every single child knows...
They are safe
They are loved
They belong
They have a hope and a future
Transforming lives
We see a future in which our children in foster care and their families leave the system better than they came in, and we’re creating the solutions to bring that vision to life.
Our goal

HOPe Everywhere

House of Providence is breaking the mold and raising the standard in institutional foster care.

Institutional foster care is the most broken and corrupt area of the foster care system, and without effective solutions to raise the bar, it will remain that way.

But our family simulation model is revolutionizing outcomes for children who typically experience the worst outcomes of any group in foster care.

Our vision is to bring HOPe Everywhere for children in foster care by:
Developing the HOPe Everywhere fund to financially partner with teams to plant House of Providence homes in all 50 states and globally.
Creating online courses and in-person conferences to train caregivers in the HOP model.
creating opportunity

Providence Coffee House

Each year, 23,000 children age out of foster care without their forever family. Undereducated, undersupported, and emotionally battered, only half are able to find gainful employment by 24.

Without options or support, more than half of young women turn to the sex industry to survive, 1 in 4 are incarcerated by 21, half become addicted to drugs, and half experience homelessness by 21.

Providence Coffee House is designed to give these young men and women an opportunity to begin building a life of success. Today, Providence Coffee House remains a vision, but with partners like you, we can make it a reality and begin to breathe life back into hopeless young lives!

creating trust

Equine Therapy

Relational trauma can only be healed through relationship, but for many children in foster care, the walls of distrust are high and thick, and they must be torn down brick by brick.

Equine therapy is uniquely appropriate for children who have experienced relational trauma because it provides a non-threatening stepping stone for these children to begin opening up and trusting again–giving them their best chance at healing.

On our Oxford Campus, the bones of a barn and riding arena sit, just waiting to welcome kids into the arms of healing…But we need your help to bring it to life!

Until every child has a home

We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them.

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