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How We Care

Excellence Honors God & Inspires People

We care for these children as if they were our own–and that means high standards. From our beautiful homes, to our revolutionary model of care, to our diligent and loving staff, we have the opportunity to show the kids in our care that they are worthy of the best things in life every day.

Redeeming Childhood

100% of past and current residents agree that HOP is safe, clean, and comfortable and “a good place for kids to heal.”

We've created a place where kids can just be kids. They can stabilize, heal, and leave the foster care system permanently through their forever family.

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Breaking the mold of institutional foster care

Institutional foster care should not feel institutional. We have created a revolutionary model that simulates the routines and relationships of a family within the structured group setting some children need to stabilize–and we are seeing kids find hope, healing, and leave the foster care system permanently through their forever families.

Our Family Simulation Model
You have a voice

Children enter foster care through no fault of their own, finding themselves at the mercy of strangers making decisions for them. Our levels system is designed to teach them that they do have a voice, and the choices they make matter. A desire for success is born as they gain privileges and confidence!

Our Therapeutic Strategy
Creating Success

Children in foster care are 3 times more likely to be expelled from school than their peers, and over 40% of these children have learning difficulties that are not well accommodated in traditional classrooms. Providence Academy meets the needs of these children to help them achieve academic success!

Providence Academy
Learning to SOAR

SOAR is a voluntary personal growth program designed to strengthen skills in core areas while creating a sense of accomplishment that sparks a desire for success. We see kids conquer and flourish through this program, surprising themselves with how capable they are!

SOAR Program
Connecting to Those in Need

Care Portal is a platform that connects children and families in need with individuals and churches who can meet those needs. It serves many purposes, some of which include supporting the reunification of families, keeping kids out of the foster care system, and facilitating adoptions.

Care Portal

Join the Hope Army

Being a part of the Hope Army means joining a compassionate community united by a powerful mission: ensuring every child has the warmth and stability of a loving home. As a member of the Hope Army, you become an advocate, a voice that echoes with hope, love, and unwavering support for foster children. Your involvement signifies a commitment to making a tangible difference, whether through generous donations, heartfelt advocacy, or volunteering. In the Hope Army, every effort counts, every voice matters, and every contribution brings us closer to transforming lives and fulfilling the promise of a nurturing home for every child in need. Together, in solidarity and purpose, the Hope Army marches towards a future where every child thrives in the embrace of a loving family and community.

Until every child has a home

We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them.

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