Supply Chain

The standard of excellence we adhere to in caring for the children we serve extends to everything we do, including creating ethical and beautiful clothing for you. We stand against all forms of human trafficking and are committed to the ethical and safe production of every piece we create. We carefully select high quality, well-made materials that are completely free of harmful chemicals to carry our name, and we will never compromise our integrity in the process.

The SA8000 Standard

Our suppliers and manufacturers all adhere to something called SA 8000 for Social Accountability Management System. The SA8000 Standard is the world’s leading social certification program. It provides a holistic framework allowing organizations to demonstrate their dedication to the fair treatment of workers.

Fairtrade Labelling Organization

They are also a Fairtrade Labelling Organization--a network of businesses dedicated to alleviating the poverty afflicting the majority of the world's farmers and workers by setting and certifying the compliance of stringent, socially-conscious production standards.

WRAP Certified

All of their factories are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified. WRAP certification requires adherence to 12 principles: 

  1. Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
  2. Prohibition of forced labor
  3. Prohibition of child labor
  4. Prohibition of harassment or abuse
  5. Compensation and benefits as required by law
  6. Hours of work as limited by law
  7. Prohibition of discrimination
  8. Health and safety
  9. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  10. Environment
  11. Customs compliance
  12. Security


Every garment is OEKO Tex STANDARD 100 certified. This means that every component of each article has been tested for harmful substances, and is therefore 100% safe for humans.

We are dedicated to the fair treatment of people in the creation of all of our clothes. In an industry notorious for exploiting people, we are doing careful research to ensure our clothing has been created ethically. As the House of Providence clothing line grows, we will maintain our commitment to transparency, 100% ethical sourcing, and high quality materials.

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