Nov. 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

It’s impossible to come into the foster care system without seeing brokenness, to walk alongside these children without feeling the weight of their pain.

The deeply entrenched failures of this system have created a hopelessness that permeates every level of foster care—it crushes the children bound by its whims, and it leaves their advocates worn out and ineffective.

But when you see the system work effectively—when you see these little lives find complete restoration, stability, and healing, when you see them leave the system permanently through forever families—that hopelessness loses its grip.

At House of Providence, we are overflowing with hope.

We’re a working cog in a broken system, but we’re not content to stay in our bubble; we’re here for complete and total redemption of the foster care system, and we want to invite you to join us on that mission.

You can help us bring HOPe EVERYWHERE in foster care. You can help us reach more children, open more homes, and raise the standard in this broken system—Until Every Child Has A Home.

Please join us at this year’s Wishes Gala at The Royal Park in Rochester Hills, Friday November 5th to help us spread hope.

Warmest Regards,

Jay and Maggie Dunn

& The HOPe Army


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