Love the clothes, Love the cause.

May 11, 2021

The House of Providence clothing line is helping us expand and bring heart to an industry that is so often heartless! Find out more about the origins of the HOP pop up store and how you can help prevent child trafficking, support survivors, and disrupt generational cycles of trauma and pain.

Connecting compassionately with kids from hard places.

April 21, 2021

Addressing behavior resulting from trauma can be overwhelming. It can feel personal and it can get ugly. But there’s always an underlying reason for the behavior, and more often than not, that reason will spark compassion, not make you angry. Use these tips to rise above the chaos, share your calm, and be a friend.

Why HoP: Redeeming childhood & healing trauma.

March 26, 2021

The playful, whimsical experiences that make up childhood open us up to the fullness of life; they help us learn, grow, and build self-confidence. Children from hard places miss out completely on this important aspect of development, living instead in a constant state of fight or flight. Redeeming childhood for these kids has a profound impact on self-confidence and self-worth, and it even helps undo the negative physical impact of trauma.

Child abuse reports are down. Here’s why that’s cause for concern.

July 3, 2020

Domestic violence isn't getting better, it's just not getting reported. In fact, it's actually getting worse.

Children with mental health issues are being incarcerated at shocking rates.

June 25, 2020

Children behave when they can; and when they can’t, it’s because they lack important social and emotional skills to handle life’s challenges in an adaptive way. Punishing them misses the root cause and does nothing to actually correct challenging behaviors; instead it destroys confidence, leads to negative self-beliefs, and further exacerbates behavioral problems.

What happens to kids who age out of foster care?

June 1, 2020

Systems are not in place to effectively care for foster youth while they are in the system, nor to put them in a position for successful independence when they leave the system. Aging out should not be an option for foster youth who have not been prepared to care for and support themselves. The outcomes speak volumes.

The hidden impact of COVID-19 on one of our most vulnerable populations

March 31, 2020

For Child Protective Services, implementing social distancing measures means much more than simply closing up shop or adopting new operational means balancing public health precautions with the even more immediate threats to health and well-being faced by the children they serve.

The benefits of a stable foster home for at-risk children.

May 9, 2019

The rising number of children in the United States foster care system means there is a need for stable homes for those who don’t have a place to go. Many foster kids are escaping poverty, abuse, and neglect when they come into the system. This means a positive foster experience is vital to a child’s development, health, and success. By allowing kids to grow and learn in a stable environment will ensure that they can become the person they were always meant to be.

She Took My Breath Away

February 24, 2018

I’ve had my breath taken away a time or two in this privileged life I’ve been given! As a child, I remember being outside on very frigid Michigan winter days, and the whipping wind would actually take my breath away. Standing on the sledding hill that we called "Bald Mountain", I struggled to inhale. As I trudged through the snow, hauling a sled (that was usually bogged down with a sibling or two), I remember feeling breathlessness, and pulling up my scarf so that my inhales would be filtered through the warmth of the damp wool.


July 1, 2017

As we drove down side streets, we wove in and out to avoid debris and poorly parked clunkers. I am great at small talk, and I engaged this girl relentlessly. She has been at House of Providence for almost a year and knows me well enough to know that resisting my chit-chatting is pointless.


June 9, 2017

The sun shining down brightly, sharply juxtaposed the darkness of the garbage bags that contained what was left of her world. She lethargically exited the state vehicle and walked toward our door. Her tear-stained face was mustering every ounce of bravery that she had left in her small frame.


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