Wishes Gala 2019

November 1, 2019

Join us for this unforgettable night!

We are looking so forward to our annual Wishes Gala on Friday, November 1st, at The Royal Park in Rochester Hills. This has been a year of exciting momentum, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you! From our girls program moving to the beautiful new campus in Oxford, to the opening of our boys program in Holly, we have so much to share! Michigan's child welfare system continues to be in crisis, but our model is working, and we are seeing children brought to healing!

The year has not been full of roses, as many of you who follow our journey more closely already know! It is not acceptable, in 2019, to relegate foster youth to the blighted-out corners of the inner cities, simply because a few believe that they are only comfortable there! When community members boldly shout, "Keep them by 8 miler, we will rise up and shout louder with our love, "Let the children come!". We have fought the demons of racism with all of our might! We have won! With your help, we can ensure that the fear that is rooted in ignorance, will not write the story of their lives! Instead, we will fight for them in every corner of our community, and educate those who truly "want" to know!

With your generous partnership, even more children will receive health, healing and a home! Please continue with us in this fight! Shout with your love that every vulnerable foster child was MADE FOR MORE!

For more information contact: jdunn@thehofp.org

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